Abstract: This paper will focus on the telecommunication between the patient and doctor. Telemedicine is a exchanging of information from one location to another location via electronic communication. The main purpose of the project is to transfer medical services to the patient, rather than the transport of the patient to the medical services. The main achievement by using this application it gives services which is easy to handle, faster and less expensive. This Application used three techniques data Fragmentation, website Clustering and data distribution. It reduce the communication cost between websites during the processing of application. We propose a doctor patient interaction application where admin will add the doctors (admin must have a portal to do so). Doctors can view the appointments for the day also the doctor can prescribe the medicine through web application. Patients’ details can be added using web portal and also using web application. Admin can view patient details, appointments, doctor’s details and can also upload patients test reports. It's a complete doctor patient interaction application which is being automated for the ease of use. The overall result shows that these combined three approach which improves the performance of web database systems and outperforms its correlated work. An approach to manage multimedia medical database in telemedicine system is produced.

Keywords: Telemedicine, Web Telemedicine Database Systems, Data Fragmentation, Website clustering, and Data Allocation.