Abstract: In this paper, we have proposed a three-layer framework for mobile data gathering in wireless sensor networks, which includes the sensor layer, cluster head, & mobile collector layer. Distributed load balanced clustering and dual data uploading is employed in our framework. Good scalability, long network lifetime and low data collection latency are the main objectives to be achieved. A distributed load balance clustering algorithm is proposed at the sensor layer in which the sensor self-organizes themselves into clusters. In our scheme multiple cluster heads are generated in each cluster to balance the work load and preside dual data uploading. The multiple cluster heads cooperate with a cluster to perform energy saving inter-cluster communications. At the mobile layer two cluster heads are enabled simultaneously to upload data to sencar by utilizing mobile MIMO (multiple-input and multiple-output) technique. By visiting selected and associated pairs polling points, sencar can efficiently gather data from cluster heads. To evaluate the effectiveness of proposed mobile-MIMO scheme extensive simulations are conducted.

Keywords: Wireless sensor networks (WSNs), data collection, load balancing, mobile-MIMO.