Abstract: The gathering of experience is a crucial matter in driverís education and training. Without experience, the driver has reaction times which are longer and visual search patterns are poorly developed, mental workload is high and drivers can more easily be distracted by the ongoing things on the road. The project Learning Application for Road Safety, aims at improving the driving standards of the citizens of India. The application is web based and allows users to either login in to their existing accounts or registers them if they are new users. Once they enter the application, they will select their preferred difficulty. Once through this, they will be presented with a couple of scenarios that have been already embedded in the application. They can choose between stationary or dynamic modules. The user performance will be examined at each stage and will be evaluated. The aim is to concentrate on young novice drivers, who has very little to less experience while also encouraging them to continue formal life-long learning. The user action based counter will let users know about their performance in the simulated environment. As the driverís behavior becomes more automatic, these abilities will gradually improve and mental resources will be freed up for safety-related tasks such as hazard detection.

Keywords: Driving standards, web based, user action based counter, hazard detection.