Abstract: Now a day’s online social media networking used in large amount to access information, share experiances, and express opinions. As a result large amount of data are generated in every day from social media channel such as twitter, facebook, youTube etc. From that, the concept of big data has arrived with large volume, complex and growing data. It becomes important issues in many areas like data mining, computational intelligence, the semantic web and social networking. Big data is very impotant to analyse and predict the future behaviour. Analysis of data is important for identifying the valuable data and to discover the useful knowledge and it help to improve decision making of individual user and companies. The Popularity prediction of movies before thetrical release is main challange and it require high level of artifical intelligence. For that we use the data of social media like YouTube which contains large information about people’s preferences.

Keywords: Data Mining, Big Data, Sentiments, Cosine Similarity etc.