Abstract: With the development of e-commerce and cloud Computing, SSL protocol is more and more widely used in all kinds of network services. SSL protocol by providing end to end authentication, message encryption, message Integrity check and other security mechanisms protects the security of the communication process.In recent years, due to the development of cloud computing, the connection security between the client and the cloud is also an extremely important issue.SSL have three protocols under it: Handshake Protocol; Record Protocol; and Alert Protocol. Handshake protocol is used to establish the secure connection between the client and the server using the cipher suites and other parameters that both have agreed upon. Record Protocol is used to encrypt the data that is to be sent through the network using the key that have been established during the handshake protocol. Alert protocol is used to send the custom messages to other whenever they detect any intrusion in the system.The goal of our proposed system is to create secure channels over insecure networks using Diffie Hellman key exchange algorithm.

Keywords: MITM, SSL, Cryptography, Security, Diffie-Hellmen-Key-Exchange Algorithm, Authorization, Attack.