Abstract: Wireless Sensor Networks are modernizing the way; the people interact with the physical world. They comprise of small sensor nodes which have many capabilities such as sensing, monitoring, computation and wireless communications. They are deployed in large amounts to collect data from the environment, perform local processing and communicate their results. In this work, we investigate the Gray Hole Attack and its variants, which is very simple to implement but difficult to detect. In Gray Hole attack the malicious node works as a normal node but refuses to forward certain selected packets and simply drop them .Due to this nature, the Gray Hole attack is very harmful for mission critical applications and can damage the whole network communication, making the network useless .So, in proposed work utilization of two AI methods will be done i.e. SVM and fuzzy logic, in which comparison of both methods will be done in mitigation of gray hole attack in WSN network in MATLAB 2010a environment within required area.

Keywords: WSN, SVM, OLSR, Gray hole, Fuzzy sets.