Abstract: This work provides a review on relocalization of nodes in network in wireless sensor network. It provides a review on management of smart nodes network that will help to relocate it or by the use of controller. A routing protocol designed for WSN should have the ability of adapting to different applications and different network conditions it uses the concept of dynamic reconfiguration routing protocol that achieves the need of various applications and also various network conditions. As the result, it can be widely used in a military application for battlefield surveillance wireless sensor network has been an area of active research with many civilian application, fire detection, where it is difficult for humans to reach and once they are deployed, they work on their own and serve the data for which they are deployed In disaster control. The main objective of this work is to design mobility based network relocalization system in WSN. Localization is one of the most important applications for wireless sensor networks since the locations of the sensor nodes are critical to both network operations and most application level tasks.

Keywords: WSN System, Routing protocol, Dynamic Reconfiguration System, Localization, Mobility Management.