Abstract: The main challenge in wireless sensor network deployment pertains to optimizing energy consumption when collecting data from sensor nodes. The routing protocols are the hot areas to address quality-of-service (QoS) related issues viz. Energy consumption, network lifetime, network scalability and packet overhead. The key issue in WSN is that these networks suffer from the packet overhead, which is the root cause of more energy consumption and degrade the QoS in sensor networks. We further present a meta­heuristic Wireless Sensor Networks Tabu Search (WSN-TS) algorithm to address the NP­completeness of the channel assignment problem. The main aim is to provide extra energy to nodes that helps to provide maximize flow rate at the sink. The energy constraint ensures the amount of recharged energy for each node is larger than its consumed energy.

Keywords: WSN System, Routings in WSN, Tabu Search, QoS in WSN etc.