Abstract: The traditional systems does marking of attendance, handling lectures by paper signing pattern which disturbs the concentration of students but on research, proposedidea does task like automated marking attendance by use of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Eddystone beacons and the involves usage of automated tools like Selenium which will be reducing the paper work and error like proxy, missing attendance. The system also gives the idea about many events and programs by advertising their details and providing details of examinations in the college campus on reaching the place so system alerts the students if the lecture starts and they are outside the classroom. For making better decisions and keeping eye on everyone and to save students time and reduce their disturbance in lectures. It is using “concept of proximity analysis solution using BLE 4.0Technology” which results to digitizing college activities and reduction of disturbance in concentration and also reduction in workload of staff for attendance manipulation and other activities, we can make use of this proposed technology using BLE 4.0 beacons. This system solves all the problem occurred in college indoor area. The previous system uses more hardware device for college activities like marking attendance, managing events and instructing for exam location which takes a long time for all the students to do that type of work.

Keywords: BLE4.0, Eddystone, IOT, beacon, proximityanalysis, Indoor Navigation.