Abstract: Battery based applications are often used in our day to day life. Batteries can only be supplied for the limited period of time. Often usage of batteries, will lead to the reduction in the life span of the batteries. Super-Capacitor is a new technology which has several advantages in energy storage capacity. Super capacitors are becoming increasingly popular alternatives for the conventional and traditional battery sources. Because of its flexibility, Super Capacitors can be adapted where electrochemical batteries are used. Here the Super Capacitor is interfaced with that Battery based system to deliver maximum power output required for the load, so the life of the Battery will also be extended. The interfacing of Super Capacitors with Battery based applications are done for the appropriate Battery ranges. The reduction in Battery stresses by using super capacitors are used as high power storage devices to smoothen the peak power applied to the Battery during backup time and to deliver full power during outage.

Keywords: Super capacitor; Battery source; Energy storage; High power storage.