Abstract: Many people today prefer smart devices which can be controlled remotely by the Internet rather than the manual control to improve the standard of living. The home appliances are expected to fully automatic and Internets of Things (IoT) is projected to provide dramatic improvements in smart home appliances. The internet technology is growing day by day and the internet connection is accessible everywhere in the world. The IoT is going to rule the world within a few years. This paper presents an Internet of Things based real-time home automation and security system using Arduino UNO and ESP8266 WiFi module which makes the system cost-effective and portable. It is used for controlling and monitoring home appliances (Fans, Lights, etc.) from anywhere in the globe using MQTT server. The home automation system includes an integrated temperature and humidity sensor module to control the air conditioning unit. The human motion detection is achieved by the PIR sensor for security purpose.

Keywords: Internets of Things (IoT); Home Automation; Arduino UNO; ESP8266 WiFi module; MQTT server; PIR Sensor.