Abstract: In this modern age, the world has witnessed rapid growth and ever-increasing importance of e-government and governments are under pressure from citizens to quick and efficient services. Despite the Kenyan government efforts to embrace modern Information Communication Technology (ICT) applications, it seems some obsolete ICTs of yesterday are still operational. The objective of this research paper is to identify sophisticated innovative applications of ICT used in Kisumu county government that improves service delivery through use of innovative applications. Interviews and Document reviews are the data collection methods. Constructivist paradigm approach is employed and Purposive sampling technique is used targeting seven participants. Thematic Analysisís procedures and processes are adopted during data analysis. Structuration theory is used to frame this study. The results show that the county government has adopted various modern Information Systems propelling service delivery to citizens and government stakeholders. The contribution of this paper is that despite the infancy stage of Kisumu county government of Kenya, there is evidence of use of innovative applications to enhance service delivery. This paper also recommends the way forward for the county and national governments, employees and the citizens who interact with ICT during service delivery. This paper recommends that quick interventions are required in establishing ICT infrastructure and embracing ICT training and capacity building to all employees and citizens in general.

Keywords: Innovative Applications, Information Systems (IS), Information Communication Technology (ICT), E-governance, E-government, Service delivery.