Abstract: Intra-body communication or intra-BAN and inter-body communication or inter-BAN are the two classifications under Body Area Networks (BAN). Body Area Network or BAN is a field of networking in which communication takes place between different sensors or network elements or other electronic components at the nodes within the body called intra-BAN and between two or more bodies called inter–BAN. In our previous paper [1] titled “BAN: intra-BAN and inter-BAN” with D01 10.17148/1JARCCE.2017.6756 we have successfully established communication between different routers /sensors at the node with the help of wireless communication protocols. Each node forwards packets to the destined location by selecting the optimal route for the packet to be transferred from the source to the destination. In this paper we configure Access Control Lists (ACL) or simply Access-list on routers placed at different nodes of the human body. The main purpose behind this configuration is for router packet filtering and traffic control. ACL or simply Access-list are a set of permit and deny commands to provide a powerful way to control traffic in and out of a network forwarding packets. It also provides additional security by denying host or IP addresses. In case of inter-BAN or inter-body communication, the two human bodies handshaking with each other may be running different routing protocols. In this case, route –redistribution needs to be done at the boundary routers which acts as a translator between the two routing protocols and the IPs advertised in one body can also be seen in the other human body running different routing protocols. In this paper the above configuration will be done and the results will be presented in a systematic manner.

Keywords: Access Control Lists (ACL), denying host or IP addresses, handshaking, router packet filtering and traffic control.