Abstract: As the result of increasing demand for the use of the Internet and applications that require storage and data transmission via the Internet, this data is being attacked by hackers. So appeared the need for data security. Researchers focused on devising different ways to keep this data from falling into the hands of intruders. There were encryption-decryption techniques and that are prone to doubt if it falls into the hands of hackers, so there was a need to use other techniques, one of these techniques is information hiding. The advantage of this technique it is not to keep intruders from knowing the hidden information, but it is to keep intruders from thinking that the information even exists. This paper is directed toward the task of steganography by using the developed method to hide every three bits from the secret message in one sample from the cover file and then adding a number to the product sample that represents the amount of central change, a proposed algorithm hides the secret message inside the popular images format which are frequently used in the Internet, this image format is known as a WebP format, also Known as the stickers for the chatting applications. Mod 8 Plus Average Method (M8PAM) is designed to hide the secret message inside a WebP image as a cover file. In this technique, the process of data hiding does not occur sequentially. So no distortion occurs in the carrier file which represents the cover file after the hiding process.

Keywords: Steganography, Mod 8 Plus Average Method (M8PAM), Central change.