Abstract: Software Defined Mobile Networking (SDMN) has emerged as new network architecture for dealing with network dynamics through software-enabled control. The SDMN is endorsing several new network applications; however the security has become an important concern in every application. This paper provides an extensive analysis on SDMN with several security considerations. This paper provides the introduction of SDMN and the security threats on it. The most common vulnerabilities in SDMN is Denial of Service attacks, Spoofing, Tampering, Repudiation, Information disclosure and access misuse. In this paper, a review on a wide range of SDMN security mechanisms is discussed; this includes Intrusion Detection systems, Intrusion prevention systems, firewalls, access control, deep packet inspection, and policy management. Finally the problem has been identified in the previous works on SDMN security.

Keywords: Software Defined Network, NFV, Security, Mobile Networks, Monitoring, DOS attacks, Spoofing, Wireless Network.