Abstract: The Opinion mining is an ongoing field of research and development in web text mining and Data Engineering domain. It is the computational treatment of opinions and subjectivity of text. This survey paper mainly focus on a comprehensive overview of the Opinion mining algorithms and the different classification with their field of applications. Day to day proliferation of the current digital based economy a large amount of information is available in the form of textual data and user behaviours model which can often be used more easily if it is categorized or classified into some predefined classes. In case of social Networks, Ecommerce Architecture or a people hub, there are numerous varieties of people will be involved for their purchase, suggestions, posts, reviews, blogs and etc. The primary impression on the network is people suggestion. In Most of the networks, fake users revolving for two major purposes. 1) For increasing the rating of their own company. 2) To Decrease the rating of their competitor company. This survey is about how the opinion mining is used to find out fake users in spatial database.

Keywords: Opinion Mining, Spatial Database, Data engineering, User behaviour model, Fake users.