Abstract: The steganography is a powerful security method with which we can hide a secret message inside an object. Steganography is a technique used to protect the data by just hiding the data into data or information behind information. Currently, many types of steganography techniques are being used such as text, image, audio/video and protocol but digital images are the most widely used. There are many steganography procedures in which everyone has its own strength and weakness in terms of security and complexity. Some of which provides hiddenness of information while some provides a huge secret message to be hidden. This dissertation provides an overview of steganography specially image steganography and its uses. It attempts to design and develop the good steganography algorithm and briefly describes about the Least Significant Bit image steganography algorithm. In this dissertation, two parameters are used in order to measure the quality of image. First is PSNR and second is MSE.

Keywords: Steganography, Visual Cryptography, Steganography Techniques, Stego Image, PSNR, MSE.