Abstract: Lately with the quick development of e-commerce, a lot of information is gathered through operational transactions, data mining techniques are used to find and comprehend unknown customer purchase patterns. Earlier, data mining has been utilized to discover which products are connected as far as having high deals and furthermore discover which customers merit credit services. There has not been much work done in the utilization of data mining to guarantee customer loyalty in the e-commerce industry and furthermore have methodologies of expanding retail organizations to use e-commerce as a beneficial method of doing business. Customer-Product relationship has consistently been the most essential relationship for development of business. The better this relationship better is income generation and better is the development of organization .Results obtained in the piece of work are based on the concept of classification and association rule mining to provide better understanding of customer and product relationship and thus encourage organizations to develop the use e-commerce for conducting profitable business.

Keywords: Data Mining, E-Commerce, Classification using decision trees, Association rule mining.