Abstract: With the fast advancement of adaptable cloud administrations, it turns out to be progressively vulnerable to utilize cloud administrations to share information in a companion hover in the distributed computing environment. Since it is not practical to actualize full lifecycle protection security, get to control turns into a testing undertaking, particularly when we share touchy information on cloud servers. Keeping in mind the end goal to handle this issue, we propose a key-arrangement quality based encryption with time-determined properties (KP-TSABE), a novel secure information self destructing plan in distributed computing. In the KP-TSABE conspire, each cipher text is marked with a period interim while private key is connected with a period moment. The cipher text can just be decoded if both the time moment is in the permitted time interim and the characteristics connected with the ciphertext fulfill the key's get to structure. The KP-TSABE can take care of some essential security issues by supporting user defined approval period and by giving fine-grained get to control amid the period. The touchy information will be safely self-destructed after a client determined lapse time. The KP-TSABE plan is ended up being secure under the choice l-bilinear Diffie-Hellman reversal (l-Expanded BDHI) suspicion. Far reaching correlations of the security properties show that the KP-TSABE conspire proposed by us fulfills the security necessities and is better than other existing plans.

Keywords: Sensitive data, secure self-destructing, fine-grained access control, privacy-preserving, cloud computing.