Abstract: In this era of the internet and the World Wide Web, almost everything-from clothing to footwear and accessories; from Electronics to electrical appliances; from furniture to home appliances; sporting goods, beauty and personal care etc. is available online. A user/customer has the privilege to view and purchase his/her required product/service. In this paper, we have made an attempt to construct a web-based portal which brings various foods and breweries prepared by various food manufacturing/processing companies or firms directly to the online customer. By duly filling the request form for delivery, a particular product is shipped to address and an automated bill is generated. MySQL is used as the back-end tool. PHP, HTML and JavaScript are the front-end development tools. CSS is responsible for the attractive appearance of the webpages. An admin login is provided to enable the administrator of the website to do the following- add new product, edit or delete product, add new employee, delete or edit employee, password settings and verify or regenerate sales report.

Keywords: web-based portal, World Wide Web, ER diagram, MySQL, database, PHP, HTML and JavaScript.