Abstract: FEAF2.0 framework is a complete architecture which by integrating with leading cloud computing technology leads to improvement of components and essential processes. Also an analytical review will be done on choosing of improvement field for locating the federal enterprise architecture in management layer of cloud computing technology and ways to improve it, how to measure the quantitative and qualitative improvement by comparing the proposed method with other approaches and ultimately the success or failure of data recovery method. in this paper, a new architecture is provided based on the needs of organizations. This architecture brings together processes of standard frameworks related to information technology, organizational architecture components of FEAF 2.0 and the benefits of a cloud environment. for achieve this goal, the presented study considers appropriate processes in cloud environment from proposed frameworks as well as components of an organizational architecture of FEAF 2.0 for selected cloud environment and management layer of cloud computing.

Keywords: Architecture FEAF2.0, layer of cloud management, cloud computing, Localize Utilize Organizational.