Abstract: This paper presents the advanced IoT based concept wherein electricity bills are switched to prepaid facility. This work is used to monitor power consumption and automatically alerts the user to recharge the account through the Internet and SMS. An Arduino processor is used to monitor and control entire system model and the GSM Technology is used to update the user about the account through the SMS service. This is for people in the rural areas where internet has still not managed to create its hold on a daily basis. The IoT based system is used to update the data whereas the APIs are used to notify tech savvy people via emails and notifications. This process is periodic in nature and hence power reduction takes place at a greater rate. This technology finds application in electricity distribution companies, corporates, household and rural areas where power theft is still an issue. The implementation of this project will result in better energy management, conservation of energy and eradicate unnecessary hassle over incorrect billing. The automated billing system keeps track of time and energy consumption simultaneously leaving little scope for disagreement on consumption and billing. This project provides major benefits of data collection that allow substantial saving through reduction of meter re-read, greater data accuracy, frequent reading and improved customer service

Keywords: Prepaid electricity, Power security, Arduino controller, GSM/GPRS, IoT, APIs.