Abstract: The rapid expansion of the Internet in the past years has immediately increased the availability of digital data such as audio, images and videos to the general public. Whilst the computers are more and more incorporated via the system, the supply of digital press has gotten faster, easier, and also requiring less attempt to make accurate copies. One of the key impediments will be the dearth of strong intellectual property security of digital networking to discourage unauthorized copying and supply. In this paper, a powerful technique to protect text and video is suggested which makes use of text hiding technique and watermarking algorithm based on Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT), Singular value decomposition and Hamming error code to procuring video and text. Initially measure the writing will be hidden in the image using LSB algorithm then in second measure frames will be pulled and watermarking is used on singular worth subsequent to the SVD is completed. Before renewing added parity bits are inserted to create the watermarking method more secure and powerful. Preliminary results reveal that this suggested technique is robust to the previous signal processing techniques and geometric distortions.

Keywords: Steganography, LSB Algorithm, Digital watermark, Discrete Wavelet Transform, Singular Value Decomposition (SVD), Video Watermarking, Hamming Code.