Abstract: Recently, enormous information investigation has gotten critical consideration in an assortment of utilization areas including business, fund, space science, medicinal services, media transmission and Internet of Things (IOT). Among these zones, IOT is considered as an imperative stage in bringing individuals, procedures, information and things/protests together keeping in mind the end goal to improve the nature of our regular day to day existences. Nonetheless, the key difficulties are the way to successfully remove valuable highlights from the huge measure of heterogeneous information created by asset obliged IOT gadgets so as to give continuous data and criticism to the end-clients, and how to use this information mindful insight in improving the execution of remote IOT systems. In spite of the fact that there are parallel advances in distributed computing and edge figuring for tending to a few issues in information investigation, they have their own particular advantages and constraints. The meeting of these two figuring ideal models, i.e., gigantic for all intents and purposes shared pool of registering and capacity assets from the cloud and constant information handling by edge processing, could viably empower live information examination in remote IOT systems. In such manner, we propose a novel system for facilitated handling amongst edge and distributed computing/preparing by incorporating points of interest from both the stages. The proposed system can misuse the system wide learning and chronicled data accessible at the cloud focus to control edge figuring units towards fulfilling different execution prerequisites of heterogeneous remote IOT systems. All the more significantly, we recognize and portray the potential key empowering agents for the proposed edge-cloud community oriented system, the related key difficulties and some intriguing future research bearings.

Keywords: Data Analytics, Internet of Things (IOT), Edge computing/Fog computing