Abstract: The power quality affects form injection of wind power into an electric grid. Wind turbine performance and power quality are determined on the basis of measurements. According to the guideline specified in International Electro-technical commission standard, IEC-61400. Wind turbine with grid system concerning the power quality measurements. The active power, reactive power, a variation of voltage, flicker, harmonics and electrical behavior of switching operation are the measurement of power quality. The power described a power quality problem. The power quality problem presented to the installation of wind turbines with the grid. In this proposed scheme is Static Compensator(STATCOM). Battery energy storage system(BESS) with a point of common coupling is connected to the Static Compensator to mitigate power quality issues. The integration of the real power source under fluctuating wind power is BESS. Using MATLAB/SIMULING to simulated the STATCOM control scheme for grid-connected wind system in power system block. From reactive power demand of the load and induction generator, the proposed scheme relies on the main supply. The co-ordination rule of the grid development and the scheme for the improvement in power quality as per the IEC-standard on the grid has been presented.

Keywords: STATCOM, Induction generator, Grid-connected system, flicker harmonics, wind turbine.