Abstract: The new technologies characterizing the internet of Things permit realizing real sensible environments ready to offer advanced services to the users. Recently, these sensible environments also are being exploited to renovate the users’ interest on the cultural heritage, by guaranteeing real interactive cultural experiences. During this paper, we have a tendency to style and validate an inside location-aware design ready to enhance the user expertise during adiposity. Above all, the projected system depends on a wearable device that mixes place recognition and Localization capabilities to mechanically offer the users with cultural contents associated with the determined artworks. The localization data is obtained by a Bluetooth infrastructure put in within the College. Moreover, the system interacts with the Cloud to store multimedia system contents created by the user and to share environment-generated events on his/her social networks.

Keywords: Bluetooth, Place recognition, IoT, Tracking system, Location-awareness, SoA, Smart College.