Abstract: Internet has transformed E-Commerce and customer now have access to wide range of products offered through E-Commerce websites. In order to remain competitive and defend market share, E-Commerce firms formulates online marketing strategies based on real time data. This has steered to a paradigm shift in the E-Commerce, where data is seen as a biggest asset to the firm in understanding specific needs of customers, predicting behavior, tailoring specific needs and offering performance metrics to assess effectiveness. E-Commerce firms are finding ways to extract meaningful information from larger datasets where data gets generated at greater velocity, different variety and at high volumes that are often referred to Big Data. E-Commerce firms are investing huge on Big Data Analytics to empower them to take accurate and timely decisions. This paper investigates how the use of big data analytics is perceived as value creator that can guide E-Commerce companies attain competitive advantage.

Keywords: Analytics for E-Commerce, Big Data Analytics, E-Commerce, E-tailing, Value Creation, Personalization, Dynamic Pricing.