Abstract: Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that augments the real physical world with computer-generated 3D virtual objects such that the users can interact with them using the screen of their mobile devices. In current traditional childhood teaching there are difficulties in inspiring children’s learning interest, lack of teaching situations and low study efficiency. We are going to develop an AR mobile application prototype to teach kindergarten students in an interactive and attractive way. It allows kindergarten students to learn using a mobile device. This project uses natural feature detection algorithm with some improvements. OpenCV also include some feature detection algorithms. This algorithm is good for capturing and detecting images with greater accuracy and speed. With that, some parents were complaining about over usage of the mobiles will affect children’s health. For the solution monitoring function is added which monitors the individual activities and usage time. With help of this ability, we can control usage, monitor and analyse students learning. This project will help students learn in effective way and with greater efficiency.

Keywords: Augmented Reality, OpenCV, Kindergarten Education, Human Computer Interaction, Natural feature detection algorithms.