Abstract: In the previous years, wireless sensor network (WSN) is captive with unbelievable change in technology. It imply to monitoring, controlling, tracking and evaluating. On this paper, the researchers discussed Wireless Sensor Network that focuses on security. The technology applied on this research paper includes measurement on latency configuration on how to secure network. Wireless Sensor Network will be the future of communication and it plays the vital rule of super internet in the future were all data are powered by wireless communication for transmission. However, solutions on security especially on Wireless Sensor Network are very limited. This gap is the main target on this research paper. It discusses on how to provide security on Wireless Sensor Network latency configuration. In this research paper we present an experimental evaluation of Dynamic Resource Routing (DSR) and Self Selective Routing. The research paper is very useful and helpful to all network designer and network administrator and generally to the entire community. The researchers conduct the experiments within the cygwin and g-sense simulator.

Keywords: Network Security, Wireless Sensor Network Security, Latency, Layer, Network Layer, Media Access layer.