Abstract: Internet Security and data privacy is preserved by the appropriate authentication schemes. User name and password based authentication is the fundamental step to access internet services. The conventional authentication system follows initial session verification rather than continuous verification. The continuous authentication is referred as the detection of authorized users and authenticating them even after successful login. This type of continuous authentication technique plays vital role in internet security as it performed by various types of authentication schemes. In this paper, a complete authentication protocol is used, which focuses on the throughout authentication scheme that is from login to logout time. This system about the authorized personís face detection for throughout session (From login time to logout time).The Web camera placed in front of the system in which they are working that camera will capture the face of the authorized person if the person start to move from the camera the capturing process will struck and the transaction will not allow the unauthorized persons to work. This application is fully applied with the camera. Once the person wants to do the transaction then he should sit in front of the camera and the face is authenticated for further steps. The camera will continuously monitor the face to avoid in authenticate transactions. If the user tries to move from the camera then the transaction will not be continued. It will get struck. So, user should be there until he/she finishes the transactions. This project utilizes face matching algorithm and canny and sobal algorithm for edge detection.

Keywords: Face matching, Finger print recognition, authentication, Internet Security, biometric techniques, continuous authentication.