Abstract: Cloud computing is an emerging computing paradigm in which resources of the computing infrastructure are provided as services over the Internet. To keep sensitive user data confidential against un-trusted servers, existing solutions usually apply cryptographic methods by disclosing data decryption keys only to authorized users. These solutions inevitably introduce a heavy computation overhead on the data owner for key distribution and data management when fine grained data access control is desired. Open issue by defining and enforcing access policies based on data attributes and allowing the data owner to delegate most of the computation tasks involved in fine grained data access control to un-trusted cloud servers without disclosing the underlying data contents. Several schemes employing attribute-based encryption (ABE) with Huffman compression has been proposed for access control of outsourced data in cloud computing. As Cloud Computing requires additional security which is provided using HASBE and this can emerge as a new security feature for various organizational platforms. It is implemented using cipher text policy by encrypting and decrypting the data in the cloud so that the cloud system becomes more scalable and flexible by enforcing data owners to share their data with data consumers controlled by the domain authority.

Keywords: Un-trusted servers, data owner, key distribution, Cipher text, data consumer.