Abstract: Image processing is one of the upgrading research areas to find out the relevant pattern. It can be applied in many fields of medical, satellite records, analyzing data. Satellite records of image plays an important role in image processing. Satellite view of Sea ice image has been taken to detect the boundaries of the ice floe. Sea ice is a formation of sea water freezing. When the sea ice is broken ice floes were formed from them and ice floe is large pack of floating ice. Detecting the ice floes many Image Processing techniques has proposed. But they prove some of the drawbacks like missing data, inaccurate structural analysis because of difficulties in ice floe identification, separation of boundaries connected ice floes, it is an important issue for the climate and wave and structural ice analysis. To solve these problems here proposed a T-Snake algorithm on GVF, which provide an accurate identification of related pattern and structural boundaries for ice floe.

Keywords: Image processing, Ice floe, Weak boundary solving and T-Snake on GVF.