Abstract: In today's life it has likewise turned out to be imperative to be upgraded constantly. It might be news, business, way of life, and so forth. Extend updation has turned into a cardinal issue in IT industry. Till now in the product organizations there was no office of giving current redesigns of the project to customer along these lines, to take care of this issue we are making a web application named ‘PROJECT ESTADO QUO'. 'ESTADO QUO' is a Spanish word utilized for alluding current status. This web application will be solely for project administration done in the organizations, which will be fit for demonstrating the advance of the project of various modules(through UI). This app will provide a client retention , save time of a client as well as developers, also client will be relax of checking e-mails, calls and meetings.

Keywords: Project Status, Current, Estado Quo, Percentage, Progress.