Abstract: This project aims at developing a suitable information system to coordinate the activities of the employer, jobseeker and admin. The project titled “Contrivance Planning Management System” aims at automating the information system. This project is mainly created to make the job searching work in an easy way. The process carried out in the project are, the collection of resumes, verification of resumes, filtering of resumes, requirement specification of the companies, comparison of requirement and available resumes, selecting the suitable candidate and finally developing a report to intimate the selection to the candidate. Here jobseekers will send their resumes to the admin. Employers also send their requirements to admin. After collecting all these information’s admin will compare the resumes of the jobseekers and the requirements of the employer and select qualified candidates. After that they send the selected list to the appropriate employers. Those employers will do their selection process. The user can give their feedback which is helpful to enhance the contrivance planning management website.

Keywords: Resume, Report, Jobseekers, Employers.