Abstract: Fingerprint recognition is one of the Secure and reliable method of the biometric identification as each individual has unique and unmatched fingerprint pattern. A fingerprint image is treated as a textured image. The important part of the recognition system is the extraction of the features. So in fingerprint recognition the extraction of the feature for further matching and verifying the person identity plays an important role .Traditionally various techniques like Minutiae, Orientation maps, Pattern Matching etc were used for the feature extraction process. Still the accuracy of the system was that much improved. The technique used for the feature extraction should be accurate so that the identification is done accurately. So in this research work a new approach is proposed for the recognition of the fingerprint for the authentication purpose. This method is considered to be efficient and more accurate than the traditional methods. In this Bit plane feature extraction is used to extract the features from the image that are further used for the matching the features .Along with this the ANN is used for obtaining the results. From the results obtained it is concluded that this method is accurate and efficient than the traditional methods of fingerprint recognition system.

Keywords: Biometric system, fingerprint recognition system, Artificial Neural Network, Bit Plane Feature Extraction.