Abstract: In the world of technology, enormous and complex data i.e. termed as Bigdata can be easily handled using latest processing tools and methods. One of the field dealing with such vast data is the education system for which various applications for processing, classifying and so on has been implemented. Various works include classification of student data to evaluate the performance of the student, Mining Social Media Data for Understanding Studentsí Learning Experiences, evaluating and predicting student performance before admission to the college as well as evaluating the suitability of the entry exams. Taking reference of these works classification of students academic dataset inorder to find which university he/she can get admission into is the focus of this paper. To be able to deal with this problem definition the usage of fuzzy rule based classification system has been proposed, using Fuzzy ID3 algorithm. This method is based on the MapReduce framework, one of the most popular approaches for big data nowadays.

Keywords: Big data, Fuzzy rule, Classification, Hadoop, Mapreduce, uncertainty.