Abstract: The android voting system is an android application that provides a new technique of casting votes using mobile phones. This application is especially developed for organizations, corporations and commercial businesses to get employees opinions whenever there is any new policy implemented or any issue being investigated or during controversies. The project provides an effective solution in resolving all the arguments that occurs in organizations by considering all employees opinions. The system has an admin login that has overall control over it. Admin feed the issues or arguments in the system along with desired options. These questions can then be visible to all the employees through android devices. Employees have to first create an account into the system for casting their votes. At the end of the voting process the system counts all the votes casted and generates a brief report of the total votes accounted for yes, no and neutral. Eventually, the report is made available to admin and he may view the maximum votes casted for. Hence the system helps admin to receive appropriate response from employees for the matters in question.

Keywords: Android Application, Biometrics, Authentication Methods, Organizations, Corporations.