Abstract: With the growth of technology there are lots of changes overwriting the human effort in many field The concept of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics systems play very major role in all fields. The Artificial Intelligence is the subpart of computer science with is based on automaticity. It become the very trendy field in computer science day by day In future the concept of Artificial Intelligence will replace the human efforts in all areas. Artificial Intelligence is revealed with the help of machine or software and in today’s time the very big machine which having with AI is Robotics. The Robotics is branch of AI which explores the designing, manufacturing and working phase of all application. The AI and Robotics is act as an expert system and this expert system is used to solve the complex problem in different areas like engineering, business, medicine, weather forecasting etc. The vicinity utilizing the technology of Artificial Intelligence have seen enhance in the quality and efficiency. This paper will given the generalize view of Robotics technology and Artificial Neural Network This paper also explore the application areas of this technology is widely in use. By this paper we could also explore the locomotion process used in robotics.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, ANN, Bayesian ANN, Robotics, Locomotion, Back propagation Algorithm.