Abstract: With the number of vehicles increasing on the road, there is always a need for smarter and safer way to travel. The present day trend in the automotive industry is to connect cars and their occupants to the outside world. The Internet of things [1] gathers data from every device and links it to the internet. The device can be anything from coffee makers, televisions, washing machines, alarm clocks, cars etc. RFID [2] bridges the gap by collecting, storing and supplying the data. RFID can be viewed as the one which provides the input to IOT. RFID uses the radio waves to transmit data. This paper focuses on uniting IOT and RFID technology together to provide solution for connecting the vehicles. This will not only lead to advancement in the automobile industry but also provide a greener, safer and cheaper mode of transportation to the users.

Keywords: IOT; RFID; electronic product code; connected cars; induction.