Abstract: The future of Home Automation depends on Internet of things or IoT. Though the applications of IoT are diverse, the one that concerns the common man is how it can be used to make day to do life easier and faster. This is where Home Automation using IoT comes into the picture. In this paper, we demonstrate the function and working of a smart home mirror. The mirror will possess the ability to display date and time, the current weather condition and outside temperature, reminders, to-do lists and traffic conditions. These features of the mirror will be scraped from the Internet and implemented using the raspberry pi board. The pi board is programmed with the Raspbian operating system which is part of Linux. The mirror will also be lightweight, adjustable, durable and aesthetic. This paper presents the implementation and application of the smart mirror and how it is an integral part of home automation.

Keywords: Internet of Things, Raspberry Pi, Home Automation, Mirror, Networks, User Interface, Machine Learning.