Abstract: The Increasing growth in E-Commerce market is very important in the world. During this online shopping, personal information security and Debit or Credit information increasing popularity of E-Commerce and they are major part . This paper provide the limited and necessary information for fund transfer using online transaction there by safe the customer data and confidence. A face recognition technology identify a person information through a digital image. It is automatically identify. It is mainly used in security systems. The face recognition will directly capture information about the human faces. It match the face identity in different angles. It is mostly used in airports. It will recognize the face identity and we can avoid some unwanted fraud using face recognition system .The main advantage of face recognition is used for fraud restriction and crime controlling purpose because face images that have been archived and recorded, so that it will help us to identify a person later. Face recognition is it identifies each skin tone which is individual of a human face’s surface, like the cheek, curves of the eye hole and nose etc. this technology may also be used in very dark condition and preventing identity theft.

Keywords: Online shopping, Information Security, Face Recognition.