Abstract: Cloud computing has become a booming research area due to its long-list advantages. The famous application of cloud computing is on-line data sharing. The data to be shared online is sensitive and huge. Hence, there is a need of secured data sharing scheme to prevent sensitive data from an unauthorized access. In cloud computing, data security and privacy is most important concern. Cloud computing system must maintain scalable, flexible and fine-grained data access control. Access control is a one of the finest research hot-spot and there are many access control policies that has been proposed and implemented. In this paper, we review Attribute-based Encryption (ABE) and its type KP-ABE, CP-ABE to achieve secure and efficient data sharing scheme in cloud computing. Furthermore, CP-ABE again modified into CP-ASBE, HABE and CP-WABE for lighten the access policy and relieving storage cost.

Keywords: Cloud computing, attribute-based encryption, data confidentiality, data sharing.