Abstract: In this paper, Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna (RMPA) along with metamaterial which has circular Split Ring Resonator and Horizontal & Vertical Rectangular Strips structure is proposed at height of 3.2 mm from the ground plane. The RMPA with proposed metamaterial structure is designed to resonate at 2 GHz frequency. Here in this paper we mainly focused on increasing the potential parameters of microstrip patch antenna. Proposed metamaterial structure is significantly reduced the return loss and increased the bandwidth and directivity of the antenna with compare to RMPA alone. These improvements are due to the Double-Negative (DNG) properties of metamaterial structure that acts as a lens when placed in front of the RMPA. All the simulation work is done by using CST-MWS Software.

Keywords: Rectangular Micro strip Patch Antenna, Metamaterial, Bandwidth, and Return Loss.