Abstract: Steganography Combine the two greek words steganoe (covered or protected), and graphein (writing). This simply implies for data hidden within data. In today’s worlds, the most of the information kept electronically which create a fundamental issue of information security. This technique (steganography) used to hide the information in digital media ( for example a image, video file, audio file etc), just like cryptography steganography is also used to protect the data from any third party, the only advantage of steganography over cryptography is that the intended secret message does not attract attention to itself as an object of scrutiny. So steganography also concerned with concealing the fact that the secure message being sent, whereas cryptography just protect the message. In this technology, the end user receive the data in the form of a image ( which also known as carrier for data application) without anyone knowing that the image contains some critical information, so if the image is interpreted by any third party the data will not display to them, hence the data will secure during transmission. On the receiving end, the user uses a secure code to retrieve the data from the image. In this paper we discuss some application, technique of steganography, and also discuss how to detect the secret code.

Keywords: Steganography, data application, Data within Data, encryption system.