Abstract: World of technology is developing very fast in which devices are expected to perform work automatically and at real time.The world is moving towards information technology and different automation systems which are expected to be more integrated and complex, which are the use to develop better quality services in any fashion. In this paper we are using Internet of things which seems to connect devices to the internet. In this paper we are connecting electric meter to the internet to ease the human life. Meter reading is done for the electricity, gas or water consumption where meter is used to record the consumption of this energy. In this paper we will talk about electricity as it is the essential need of today’s world. In today’s scenario the electricity proving company generate bill by taking snapshot of the meter reading. Submit the reading to the office where bill is generated on basis of snapshot. Now the generated bill is send to the users address. In this whole process due to human intervention the error rate is more. Due to this accuracy is not achieved. For this purpose we are proposing a IOT based electric bill generation where collection of units consumed, generation of bill and sending of bill to the user will be done automatically. In this paper for reference we are showing consumption of laptop batter. Based on consumption of battery we will generate bill. This bill will be send to the user by company. This model is more portable, flexible and can integrated with different architecture.

Keywords: AMR, Image segmentation, zee bee, GSM.