Abstract: In the sport of Kabaddi, which is a contact sport, any touch and the number of touches by a raider will reward him with points. These touches are judged by the online referee and the team is rewarded with certain points accordingly. The main problem that crops up in this sport is the slightest of touches which go undetected by human eye and can cost the game for an attacking side. In this case, the technology can replace manual umpiring decisions. Hot spot is one such technology which is an infrared imaging system used in sports like cricket, where infrared cameras are placed in opposite directions and record the images of the ongoing match continuously. These cameras sense the heat from the friction generated by a collision, such as tap on the body, ground, etc. Using a subtraction technique a series of black and white negative frames are generated into a computer, precisely locating the point of contact.

Keywords: Hot spot, infrared imaging system, friction, series of black and white negative frames.