Abstract: Internet is behaved as a backbone for the current modern technologies; it is globally connected, unsecure network. We can transfer the data through internet for data accurate and faster to the destination. Besides this, anyone can modify and misuse the valuable information through hacking at the time. Steganography is an art of hiding the secret data or information inside the digitally covered information. The hidden message can be text, image, speech or even video and the cover scan be chosen accordingly from either a text, an image, an audio or video. Steganography is a type of cryptography in which the secret message is hidden in a digital picture but here in this project video steganography is applied on video which is transfer from sender side to receiver side. Nowadays, the use of a video based steganography is common and numbers of steganalysis tools are available to check whether the video is stego-video or not. Most of the tools are checking for information hided by LSB, DCT, Frequency Domain Analysis etc. Here consider video as set of frames or images and any changes in the output image by hidden data is not visually recognizable.

Keywords: Steganography, LSB technique, Discrete Wavelet Transform, Discrete cosine Transform.