Abstract: Authentication system has become necessary to overcome the security threats faced by many armed personnel these days. Nowadays, there is increase in unethical usage of weapons by stealing it from armed personnel. A result of this is the use of these weapons for various crimes. It is not uncommon to see these weapons of law enforcement being used to break the law instead. The problem is that the pistols do not recognize their rightful owner and thus anybody who has the gun can use it freely. The need of the hour is of a system that checks the identity of the person who holds the gun before he can fire it. Hence there is only one alternative i.e. authentication system which includes RFID security and biometric technology. The system uses RFID technology and biometrics to identify the rightful owner of the gun. The RFID reader is installed on the weapon to detect the tags placed on the authorized person (installed on wrist watch, belt, etc.) then the system captures the fingerprint image and scans the database for a match. If both the object and captured image belong to a registered user, access is granted and the trigger can be pulled for a definite time period; otherwise the system remains locked and the user will not be able to pull the trigger. Thus this paper describes the design of authentication system for unethical usage of arms.

Keywords: RFID, Fingerprints, Arduino, Solenoid lock.