Abstract: Android is the latest and a rapid growing technology available for all the users or customers in today’s market .Every Person uses smart phones to make his life luxurious. Now-a-days management of increased public transportation is one of the major issue. There are buses made available for passengers travelling distances, but not many passengers have complete information about these buses. These days Smartphone plays vital role in everyone's life. Through these Smart phones, Passenger can get complete information about buses such as accurate bus timings, correct bus numbers, GPS tracker which will improve current bus system. This application works on GPS enabled Android Phone to get exact location of bus on Google map and this data is used to update on-line bus timetable dynamically which will make easy to predict bus arrival time of bus for passengers. It will allocate bus dynamically by considering parameters such as count of persons who want to go to the same destination and number of vacant seats of bus going to the same destination. Every bus-stop will have one android application which will take mobile number and destination name as input which will be used for dynamic allocation of buses. After that server will allocate bus and calculate fare and send it to the user on specified mobile number through SMS. If there are less number of passengers than available seats then allocation will be done normally like current bus transportation system.

Keywords: GPS Device, G-Map, PMT Buses.