Abstract: Electrical Energy is the life stream of progress for any nation and it is all the more vital in a developing country like India. The energy in electrical form is most widely used since it can be converted into any other form efficiently. A power System Network consists of variety of apparatus for generation, transmission and distribution spread over a large area serving to number of Industrial & Commercial consumers. When the power system is polluted with harmonics due to non linear load, unbalance prevailing between phases and bad voltage profile the quality of power supply becomes very inferior which hampers the power apparatus of both the utilities and the customers. Filters have gained a great attention owing to their applications as a solution to above issues. To make it distortion and ripple free filters are used at receiving end. These filtered signals may be used for further processing. This work is an attempt to simulate various filters such as Butterworth and Chebyshev Type I and Type II using MATLAB/SIMULINK. For flat band response Butterworth filter is used. Error probability will be less in Chebyshev filter.

Keywords: Filters, transmission lines, ripple, Butterworth filter, and Chebyshev filter.